Me without me


I locked my I inside of me
But I still hold on to the key
I locked it to protect it
As a womb that’s filled with new life
My I, my delicate crystal
Which, at times, has been shattered
By verbal and multiple blasts
Is now incarcerated here
Lying deep, but so deep inside,
That it cannot listen, see or feel
And neither can I hear it anymore
So I must go out, to bump into others
And counteract bit players of the self
For just as I am, without my I
So are also my neighbors
Locked up inside their bodies
Dodging the scene and the plot
That they alone have sketched
And now they’re sad and wilted
They have sprayed graffiti onto love
And they are building lego walls
Around one another’s love
But someday, someday I must be brave
To set my I newly free
I want it back, returning bold and proud
And when it hugs me down into my pores
We shall then merge once again
To dive deep down inside the breast
Of a new love

Marina Mara

Tradução: Dermeval Aires