Life in Braille


The blind do not wish to be heroes

But to be as they are – plain and simple

The battles that they fight every day

The obstacles that only they notice

Go beyond what one looks, yet does not see

I call it the blindness of the soul

That prevents us from seeing our neighbors

In a world with so many ills

Which we look at, as we change a channel

As we connect, as we walk about

And as we burn out the good that’s left

Devastating and fabricating luxuries

That will soon be trashed in the name of fad

Hey, you: close your eyes for an instant

Do you notice how much better you can hear?

How you can feel people and scents from afar?

How you can picture all the colors of the world?

The blind can also see.

By making imagination

Into a walk of life

They bear their witness to the proof

That this is still a beautiful world

As long as the I, beyond the veiled eye

In Braille, can redescover

The true textures of life.


Marina Mara

Tradução: Dermeval Aires