Double u, double u, double u


Having no cell phone was not to have no ground in the previous decade
And what was intimate, what was our secret to be decyphered
Now is feeble; now is double u, double u, double u
Overexposure is a showcase, in a jumble, is the crowd
Is a toast in deluxe glass to e-ngenuity
The connection that disconnects from our own selves
Ends up hypnotically convincing us
To download our softwares and forsake our stars
It digitalizes us and deletes our misfortunes
As if we did not need them to grow
Gilding the pill, the skin and the appeals, almost naked
Sculped by an on-line and free scalpel
To express ourselves: password. To visit: profile,
Sending soundless hugs without hugs or cords
If modern life were meant to shorten distance
And elegance were not a luxury good
Our living rooms would see, our time would rather be
A sum of worthier prize and smaller price
With fewer texts and many other textures
Less pixels – more passions.

Marina Mara


Tradução: Dermeval Aires